Choosing the Best Wine Cooler

A Wine cooler or refrigerator is used to store wine at the correct storing temperature. It is certainly not like a wine cellar and cannot be used to store wine for a long time. But the temperature of the cooler can be varied based on the type of wine that is stored.

Many people get confused between a wine refrigerator and electric wine cellars as they find wine cooler to be a cheaper / low cost option. But what they do not know is that they are making a mistake. The thumb rule to a long-term storage is to maintain a stable temperature and wine coolers cannot maintain a constant temperature and has a fluctuation of + or – 5 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, most of the wine coolers are not capable of maintaining humidity which is important to long term wine storage.

Factors to Consider to Choose the Right Wine Cooler

Though there are many wine coolers in the market and good in their functionality, they don’t last for more than 5 years. Reading reviews from sites like will give you an idea to select the best wine coolers. It is important to look at some of the factors listed below:


This is the first and foremost feature to look for in a wine fridge. The wine cooler should chill the wine and maintain the proper serving temperature. A good wine cooler should have 45 – 65 degree Fahrenheit range.


The wine should be protected from the UV radiation because the damage will occur to the wine in a short time, say in a couple of hours when exposed to UV radiation. So, a wine cooler should give UV protection to the wine stored.

Another aspect is the lack of humidity. Damage due to humidity will take months to occur but still wine coolers should take care of this in their design.

As temperatures fluctuate in many wine coolers, it is important to see the variations in temperatures. Even in full load, the wine coolers should maintain a constant temperature to avoid damage to the wine.

Cooling System

It is a known fact that thermoelectric cooling system is more efficient and use less energy. Also, as they don’t cycle on and off, the temperature control is precise in thermoelectric cooling systems. Compressor based cooling systems are very good at cooling. When we compare both these systems, thermoelectric systems are a bit noisy but are reliable and lasts long. They are also eco-friendly. Haier 12 wine cooler is a good example with thermoelectric cooling system. This Haier 12 bottle wine cooler is compact and sleek and makes much lesser noise. Wine cooler Reviews would throw more light on this.

Single and Dual Zone Wine Refrigerators

If you want to store one type of wine, then the Single zone wine cooler is enough but in case of dual zone coolers, there are independent temperature controls for each zone to make way to store different types of wines.


Go for a bigger size of wine cooler only if required. Usually, for personal use, a smaller cooler with a capacity to cool 50 – 60 wine bottles are sufficient. Wine fridge reviews will have more details on the size of the wine coolers.