The Best Handguns for Home Défense

Guns have always been a contentious issue and involve a lot of heated debate. The primary purpose for owning a handgun has always been home defense. Firearms have always been sought after for home protection and self-defence. Handguns or concealed weapons seem to be the popular choice for people who look towards guns as self-protection.

A good handgun should be able to offer dependable and adequate firepower for personal protection. A good self-defence handgun should be easy to use and access. The best handguns for sale in the market today must fulfil the requirements of manoeuvrability, ammunition, firepower and range etc., In short, a good self-defence firearm should be comfortable and easy to carry and shoot.

This snippet intends to look at some handgun choices that are considered rugged, reliable and give a decent level of accuracy and at the powerful ammunition offered by Corbon.

The performance of the Glock26 and the Ruger Gp100 as weapons of self-defence:

The Glock 26 is a very popular handgun and a concealed carry option. It has been a popular choice for personal defence because of its accuracy, no-jamming reliability, and safe action system to name a few advantages. The Glock series have many interchangeable parts and are simple to maintain. The Glock 26 is known for its easy take-down.

Overall, the Glock 26 despite its plain looks and seems to deliver as advertised.

The next handgun that comes to mind in the category of classic firearms for self-defence and personal safety is the Ruger Gp100. The Ruger GP100 reviews for 2017 state that GP100 with its great aesthetics can be the quintessential hand cannon that is smooth and easy to use in a critical situation.

The Ruger with a full four-inch guise and an under-lug barrel and shrouded ejector rod gives remarkable precision in the firing line even for novices. The ergonomic design ensures that there is minimum strain to the wrists and hands even when used for continuous target practice.

The Ruger GP100 is not a great concealed carry option. The big sturdy size requires a big handbag or a belt holster. However, it can comfortably fit into the glove compartment of a car. Also, the trigger is average and does not boost well enough for a powerful handgun such as this one.

The importance of good ammunition to a handgun:

When you intend to use your handgun for self-defence, it is necessary to familiarise yourself with the weapon of your choice. And one of the basics that many enthusiasts tend to overlook in the beginning is the choice of a good self-defence ammo, which is not right at all.

All-lead bullets are not considered great options for self-protection. The Corbon ammo is best for personal protection handguns because it does not have lead and instead uses the Barnes homogeneous copper hollow point bullets.

The Corbon ammo is deep penetrating and of premium quality. It is available in a variety of calibres and is efficient because the bullets are made from singular copper pieces and does not suffer from fragmentation issues like the lead bullets.

If you are a new owner of a self-defence handgun, then it is imperative that you familiarise and practice with the weapon/s of your choice and equip them with the right ammunition and accessories.