The Top Picks OF SLR And DSLR Cameras

There is a new camera launch in almost every month. Sometimes several in a span of a month. With new launches, several upgrades and redesign the buyer is spoilt with many options. For a beginner or a layman most of the cameras would seem similar, It takes a detailed analysis of different factors to find the best amongst highly competitive SLR and DSLR cameras. As mentioned before since there is a new launch at every regular interval, what might be the best camera a few months back might not be the same at present. Hence it is important to regular check for updates and deals on the cameras you would like to buy. At present there are certain cameras that are topping the ranking charts. Some of them are:

* NEW Canon EOS Rebel T5i review:

This camera has one of its kind touch screen capabilities that make maneuvering through different modes easy. It is optimized for video recording as well. Overall performance has comparatively improved when compared to its predecessors. There is an additional kit lens option. Has a 365 degree rotation model. Amazing image quality. Ergonomically designed and improved quick focal points.

* Canon EOS 70d:

Improved resolution quality. Higher ISO range. Has all the best features of previous models. Has touch screen capabilities. Is WI-FI enabled. Has a new, highly advanced developed sensor. Compact in design when compared to previous models and also designed well. Has easy grip and usage. Has different kit options and has affordable pricing for the features provided. The canon EOS 70d price can vary with the lens kit option you choose.


While buying a DSLR camera we often overlook the need for accessories. We only buy them as mere additional and do not give any importance to it forget reading reviews about camera accessories. Tripods are given some importance due to their use for stabilizing camera and avoid shaky or blurred pictures or footage. But even tripod is considered by only professionals.

Other accessories might be optional or not required but there is one that is extremely important and should be bought with the camera itself. It is the camera bag. This might seem menial and many may overlook this need. But it is important to understand that only a good quality, sturdy, weather proof bag can save your camera from any damage or untoward incidents. Traditional camera bags have always been shoulder bags. Each camera type has its own bag according to their shape and size. Shoulder bags may sometimes pose a problem, especially in situations where you have more than one bag to carry. Also with shoulder carry

bags you always run the risk of dropping the camera. Hence, the safety factor provided by the bag diminishes further.

Recognizing the safety concerns, there has been a launch of camera backpacks. You can find many camera backpacks. But the best one that is suitable to most of the cameras is:

Lowepro Fastpack BP 250 AW II:

This backpack is considered as one of the best camera backpack 2016/2017 for DSLR. Its main features include that it is designed everything that a photographer or videographer might require. It has definite sections for camera, lens kits, camera accessories, laptop, and other necessities. Quick access features for camera. Sufficiently padded, made up of strong material that can withstand wear and tear. Best thing you can also attach a tripod to the bag.

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