Want A Good Solar Panel? Check Out The Goal Zero Yeti

Planning to start using the abundantly available solar energy to power all your electrical needs? You can start right at home with a basic solar panel starter kit, which is very easy to assemble and compact unlike the commercial ones.

There are a number of solar panel starter kits for you to choose from in the market. Search online and you will get an idea as to what can be used where. Your electrical needs will determine the size of the starter kit you must invest in.

A 200 Watt Solar Starter Kit

Renogy is one of the biggest manufacturers of these solar starter kits. These panels use monocrystalline solar panels. These panels use pure silicon which is cut into silicon wafers. These panels are very compact, thus saving you a lot of space and are also highly efficient. They in fact have the highest efficiency rate when it comes to solar panels. They last longer than other type of panels too.

Hence, when you invest in a monocrystalline solar panel, it is a wise investment with a high pay off. If you are scouting the market for the perfect starter kit and come across 200w solar starter kit – CHEAP, don’t let it go! This could very well be your first step towards a more eco friendly living.

SOLAR KIT: Yeti 1250

This is another viable option when you are on the hunt for solar generators. You can use this unit indoors or outdoors as it is very quiet and you can hardly hear any noise when it is in use. Since it does not use any gasoline or emit any fumes, it is extremely safe to be used indoors.

You don’t necessarily need a solar panel or the sun to charge up this device, you can even charge through a wall unit. This type of charging would take up to 18 hours. If the sun out and shining, you can charge the unit through solar and the wall unit simultaneously.

If you are on the go, just plug it in your car’s 12V socket and your generator will be charged in about 44 hours. Now, that is just too many hours to let the battery get charged. Also, you will need an 8 mm to 12V charger to connect the generator to the car socket.

You can use this Yeti 1250 to power many devices including refrigerators. This generator can be used in 3 different ways to power your appliance:

* Any USB powered device can be charged through the 2.1A USB outlet in the generator

* 12V powered devices can be charged via the 12V outlet

* This device has 3 AC outlets. You can just plug in your devices like you would plug into a wall socket, and charge them.

Where can I buy d-cycle solar battery??

The batteries used in these solar generators are different from the regular batteries. You cannot get them in every store. You can however check online and find great deals and discounts in addition to varieties.

Want to know more about the Goal Zero Yeti generators, before you can invest in it? Check out https://www.power-spar.com/portable-and-easy/solar-generator-kit/ for a more detailed and in-depth review that can help you choose wisely.